Savory Asparagus & Potatoes

by stoked

Inserts Used:

Ingredients Used:

  • 2 lbs asparagus
  • 1 1/2 lbs red potatoes
  • 6 tbs olive oil
  • 2 tbs sea salt
  • 2 tbs pepper
  • 2 tbs rosemerry

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Grilling Time: 30 minutes


Step 1
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Gather ingredients and set STOK to high heat.

Step 2
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Coat asparagus with 3 tbs olive oil.

Step 3
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In separate bowl mix together dry ingredients. Sprinkle half of the mixture on asparagus.

Step 4
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Coat potatoes with what's left of the olive oil.

Step 5
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Sprinkle what is left of the rosemary mixture on potatoes and mix until well-coated.

Step 6

Place potatoes in Grilling Basket insert and cook for twenty minutes.

Step 7
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Remove potatoes and place asparagus in Grilling Basket insert. Cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Step 8
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Remove asparagus from grill, serve & enjoy!