• General

    • How do I prevent or minimize flare ups?
      All STŌK gas grills are designed through an extensive, rigorous product development process. Each passes the strict performance and safety standards of the Canadian standards Association (CSA), the industry benchmark. In addition, we have hundreds of hours of cooking completed on field test units with excellent results. The QUATTRO includes heavy duty, customized heat tents to prevent flare ups. Be sure that these are installed correctly (small dots in the back corners) for the best performance. As with any grill, when cooking meats, it is best to sear the outside on high temperature and then turn down the burners to cook to the desired temperature. Sometimes when cooking fatty meats, such as some hamburgers, the burners must be turned down for optimal cooking performance. Please follow these industry standards for years of enjoyment out of your STŌK grill. For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-847-5993 or www.stokgrills.com.
    • Why are my burners blowing out? Why is my grill making a loud "whooshing" noise?
      All STŌK gas grills are designed through an extensive, rigorous product development process. Each passes the strict performance and safety standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the industry benchmark. In the case of burner performance, CSA requires that each grill pas a 10 MPH wind test administered to eight different sides of the grill for 10 minutes each. This test ensures excellent operating performance in most outdoor conditions. If it is excessively windy, burner performance will be diminished — either operate the grill at higher temperatures or locate the grill away from the wind. For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-847-5993 or www.stokgrills.com.
    • My ignitor doesn't work, what's the problem?
      The STŌK QUATTRO and ISLAND grills have electronic igniters. Be sure the battery is installed properly (positive side facing up), and tighten the igniter cap back on. Also check to make sure the battery still has a charge. For more information, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-847-5993 or www.stokgrills.com.
    • Does the grill get hot enough to sear a steak?
      Yes! Getting the perfect sear on your steak is a combination of heat and grilling surface. The best surface to use to sear a steak is cast-iron and that's exactly what type of grates your STŌK includes. These grates hold heat longer and distribute it more evenly than wire grates. Our STŌK grills will reach over 500 degrees in a matter of minutes for the perfect sear.
    • How do I clean STŌK Cast Iron Cookware?
      1. Allow the cast iron cookware to cool completely. 2. Clean using a stiff nylon brush and hot water. For best results, the use of soap is not recommended. Do not clean in the dishwasher. 3. Dry thoroughly. Do not allow the cast iron cookware to air dry as this can allow rust to form. 4. Apply a light coating of oil to all surface areas of the cast iron cookware. 5. If food begins to stick to the surface of the cast iron or rust spots begin to form, re-seasoning your cast iron cookware is required. Visit www.stokgrills.com for more information. 6. When not in use, store the cast iron cookware in an enclosed area where it will not be exposed to the elements.
    • How do I re-season STŌK Cast Iron Cookware?
      1. Wash your cast iron cookware (including the exterior and any lids) with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush or scouring pad. 2. Dry thoroughly 3. Using a cloth soaked in food grade oil (IE. vegetable oil,) rub entire surface of the cast iron cookware, including the exterior, with a THIN coat of oil. DO NOT allow the oil to pool. 4. Heat in a 350 degree grill or oven for 1 hour over a sheet of aluminum foil. Turn the grill or over off and allow the cast iron cookware to cool down completely before removing. NOTE: Seasoning cast iron creates smoke similar to grilling or baking in a dirty grill or oven. 5. Repeat the re-seasoning process whenever necessary. With proper care and use, your cast iron cookware will develop a rich, black color... which is the sign of well-seasoned cast iron.
    • What is the difference between Direct and Indirect cooking?
      Direct cooking is when food is grilled directly over the heat source. For Indirect cooking, the food is placed to the side of the lit burner or charcoal.
    • Should I always preheat the grill?
      Yes. Always preheat the grill before cooking. Follow the preheating instructions outlined in the owner's manual.
    • I lost my Operator's Manual, can you replace it for me?
      Most Operator's Manuals can be found on the product page for the item. Or, you can contact our customer service department for a replacement.
    • What should my burner flame pattern look like?
      The tips may occasionally flicker yellow, with a descending light blue to dark blue flame. See Operator's Manual for a complete description. If the flame does not appear to be uniform throughout the burner, follow the burner tube cleaning instructions for your grill.
    • What is the proper setting for the air vents on my charcoal grill?
      Charcoal fire needs adequate airflow to burn properly. Fully open the top and bottom vents on the grill while you are getting the charcoal ready. Adjust the air flow based on the temperature needed to cook the particular food. Remember, closing the vents will lower the temperature, opening them will raise the temperature.
    • Where is the serial number located on the grill?
      The model and serial number can be found on a white sticker on the grill itself near the STŌK logo
    • What is a BTU?
      BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is a measurement of heat. The larger your cooking surface is, the higher BTU output is required to perform with the same results.
  • Inserts

    • Can I use other STŌK inserts in my grill?
      Yes! You can use all STŌK inserts in your STŌK grill.
    • How should I clean the pizza stone?
      When the stone is cool, use a plastic spatula to scrape off any excess food. Then, rinse with water. The pizza stone will season and become darker over time. Don't be alarmed, this is what it is supposed to do! Do not use soap or soak — the stone will absorb the soap and your next meal will not be so tasty!
  • Quattro

    • Is there a back panel retrofit available?
      No there isn't a panel available.
    • Where do I store the removal tool?
      The removal tool fits securely inside the cabinet, in the spice rack, or in the "STŌK-a-dots" in the side panel.
  • Tower

    • I'm having trouble assembling the grill, are there any tips?
      Check out the assembly video on our YouTube page and www.stokgrills.com
    • I keep burning my pizza on the charcoal grill, are there any tips?
      Start your charcoal 20~30 minutes before you need to start cooking. Load 50 briquettes in the charcoal bucket and light. In 15~20 minutes the charcoal should be going well and the Grill will be around 500F. Pull the charcoal bucket out and spread the charcoal out evenly. Adjust the top and lower vents to about 50% open to choke the air somewhat allowing the grill to cool to 300 ~ 350F range. Do not leave the charcoal in the charcoal starter bucket — A pizza cooked this way will cook way too fast. The crust will burn before the cheese is melted on top. Adjust the vents to let in more air if the temperature of the grill has gone below 300F. Close the vent if it gets over 350F.
    • Is there a table attachment?
      No, there isn't a table attachment at this time.